Galah standing on a perch looking at the camera.



Check out Australia Zoo’s Galah!

Australia Zoo is home to a variety of you-beaut birds, including the pretty pink galah! Keep your eyes to the sky during the Wildlife Warriors show, as these cheeky birds can be seen flying around the world-famous Crocoseum.


Galah standing on a perch with their foot up to their mouth.


Galahs are one of the most commonly recognised parrots due to their wide distribution around Australia. They usually live in a variety of timbered habitats, close to water. Galahs are identified by their distinct rose-pink and grey plumage and are often seen sheltering from the heat of the day in tree foliage. During the cooler hours of the morning and evening they will forage for grass and seeds. These beauties are highly social and congregate in flocks consisting of thousands of individuals, they will communicate through their high pitched “chi-chi” vocalisation! Often these noisy birds can be heard before they are seen.


Galah up close to the head to show off pink feathers.


Galahs will form long-term, monogamous relationships and work as a team to incubate and raise their young. They will nest in tree hollows, which is why it is so important to protect their habitat and limit deforestation, ensuring their survival for the generations to come.  You little ripper!

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    35 - 36 centimetres

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    270 - 350 grams

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    Approx. 25 - 27 days