Check out Australia Zoo’s Goats!

Australia Zoo is home to some drop-dead gorgeous goats! Be sure to get hands-on with our miniature pixie goats while you feed, pat and fall in love with them at our very own Kids Zoo!


Goat standing in their pen looking to the camera with visitor petting them.


Goats are members of the bovidae family, which includes antelopes, cattle and sheep. They are very social animals and are often spotted in herds of up to 20 individuals. Originally from the Mediterranean basin, goats arrived in Australia with the First Fleet in 1788.


Young girl hugging a goat.


There are over 200 species of goat! Many of those species are domesticated and not found in the wild. However, some goat species do still remain in the wild today. The most commonly recognised is the mountain goat. Found amongst the Rocky Mountains, goats are capable of scaling some of the highest cliffs and mountain peaks in search of mosses and plants to eat. They have cloven hooves, enabling them to do so, but crikey, it’s a nail-biting journey to the top!


Goat laying down and looking to the ground.


Like cattle, goats are ruminants and have four stomach compartments!  It can take up to 15 hours for food to pass through their digestive system. Goats are herbivores, which means they eat only vegetation, including grass, shrubs and plants. They will also browse the low branches of trees for any fresh foliage. Their uncanny ability to yell is otherwise known as bleating.


They have a lot of personality and boy, we sure do LOVE them!

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  • height of animal icon

    41 - 58 centimetres at shoulder

  • weight of animal icon

    20 - 120 kilogram

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  • gestation of animal icon

    5 months