Land Mullet Skink on gravel.

Land Mullet Skink

Land Mullet Skink

Check out Australia Zoo’s Land Mullet Skink!

Australia Zoo is home to the legendary land mullet! Although their name suggests they are a land-dwelling fish, they are in fact a land-dwelling reptile. Keep your eyes peeled in our Australian Lizard Exhibit as these sun-loving reptiles can be spotted all day long exploring their home.


Land Mullet Skink on gravel coming from behind a rock.


Land mullets are found throughout eastern Australia, from the central coast of New South Wales to south-east Queensland. They inhabit rainforests and well vegetated environments, including backyards. They can be easily identified by their smooth, dark and shiny, fish-like scales.


Just like other skinks, land mullets have the ability to sever their tail when under threat! The drop-and-run technique makes them the perfect predator escapee.


Land Mullet Skink on their food bowl.


Land mullets are omnivores and 80% of their diet consists of leaves, berries and fungi, the other 20% consists of insects such as grasshoppers and beetles. They are a monogamous lizard and will remain with the same partner every breeding season! Females will produce up to nine live young that will remain within the tight family unit for up to two years.


Land mullets are a shy and timid reptile and are well equipped for avoiding predators!

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    Up to 60 centimetres

  • weight of animal icon

    400 - 500 grams

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    90 - 100 days