Olive Python with head laying on their own body.

Olive Python

Olive Python

Check out Australia Zoo’s Olive Python!

Check out Australia’s second largest species of snake, right here at Australia Zoo! Our gorgeous olive pythons can be spotted out and about with our Wandering Wildlife Team. Keep your eyes peeled for your chance to get up close and personal with these impressive reptiles.


Olive Python going down a rock looking down.


These non-venomous snakes are found from Western Australia, right through the top end to Queensland. As their name suggests, they are light brown and olive in colour! Their earthy tones are perfect for camouflaging in the northern Australian environment! During warm daylight hours, they can be spotted seeking refuge from the heat and potential predators in rock crevasses and hollows.


Olive pythons will use the hours of darkness to become a stealthy, ambush attack predator! They are capable of consuming birds, reptiles, frogs and animals as large as rock wallabies. Crikey! Like all pythons, they are non-venomous and uses constriction to immobilise their prey. Olive pythons have also been known to hunt aquatic animals like small crocodiles. Despite their huge size, they are amazing swimmers.


Olive Python moving through the grass with head up and tongue out.


Olive pythons can be similar in appearance to the highly venomous king brown snake. Unfortunately, as a result of mistaken identity, they are frequently and unnecessarily killed by humans. Feral cats and foxes have also been known to predate upon the olive python. This beautiful snake is certainly one to treasure. You-beauty!

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    4 - 5 metres

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    10 - 20 kilograms

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    Up to 50 days