Peaceful Dove on a branch looking to the right.

Peaceful Dove

Peaceful Dove

Check out Australia Zoo’s Peaceful Dove!

Grace’s Bird Garden is home to a huge variety of amazing birdlife, including the peaceful dove. Keep your eyes peeled for these little beauties as they love meeting our Zoo guests.


Peaceful Dove on a branch looking to the left with a blue feather head.


The peaceful dove is found in Asia, south Burma, the Malay Peninsula, eastern Papua New Guinea and Australia. They are one of the most recognised dove species due to their wide distribution and distinct ‘doodle-doo’ call! They can be identified by their small stature, grey plumage and dark barring across their chest and back. Peaceful doves will forage in open areas for grass seeds and small insects.


Peaceful Dove on a branch zoomed in to show feathers.


Peaceful doves develop nests in trees or shrubs, as well as suburban gardens. They build a small, flimsy platform of twigs, grasses and roots, which is built by both parents who work together to feed and raise their young!


Peaceful doves have adapted well to the increase in tree clearing and are a thriving species throughout their wide range! They are a species of least concern.

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    20 - 24 centimetres

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    54 - 65 grams

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    14 days