Check out Australia Zoo’s Pigs!

Don’t miss the opportunity to get up close and personal with our petting zoo pigs, right here at Australia Zoo! Calling our Kids Zoo home, you can feed and fall in love with them all day long.


Brown spotted pig leaning head on top of pen to look out.


Pigs are known to be very friendly, loyal and intelligent. Believe it or not, they can be easier to teach than your dog or cat at home! For this reason, they are often kept as domestic pets. Despite common misconceptions about a pig’s lack of cleanliness, they are actually a very clean animal who will avoid messing up their living space, if possible.


They don’t have sweat glands and pigs with pale skin will burn easily, so they roll in mud to protect their skin and cool off. Just like humans, pigs are omnivores and crikey! – they have quite the appetite! They will eat a variety of vegetation and other animals – bones and all. They have a large snout and an excellent sense of smell to locate any opportunistic meals.


Black pig and brown spotted pig standing with hooves on their pen.


Pigs were introduced to Australia from Europe, arriving with the First Fleet. Since then many have been domesticated. The wild pigs that remain on mainland Australia are considered an environmental hazard. This is due to their tendency to prey upon native wildlife, inflict crop damage and contribute to the spread of weeds and diseases. They currently inhabit approximately 40% of Australia, from subalpine grasslands to monsoonal floodplains.


Currently pig populations are of no concern.

  • Class of animal icon


  • Genus of animal icon


  • Species of animal icon

    scorfa domesticus

  • height of animal icon

    80 - 130 centimetres

  • weight of animal icon

    50 - 300 kilograms

  • Diet


  • gestation of animal icon

    114 days