Rose Crowned Fruit Dove standing on hanging branch showing their colorful chest.

Rose-crowned Fruit-dove

Rose-crowned Fruit-dove

Check out Australia Zoo’s Rose-crowned Fruit-dove!

Crikey, they don’t get much cuter than our rose-crowned fruit-doves! You can spot these vibrantly coloured birds all day long in Grace’s Bird Garden. Keep your camera handy because they are a sight to see.


Rose Crowned Fruit Dove up close showing off the pink feathers on top of their head.


The rose-crowned fruit-dove is widespread throughout northern and eastern parts of Australia and Indonesia. They have stunning green plumage with a rose coloured crown! This colouration is perfect for life spent camouflaged in the tropical rainforest trees.


Rose Crowned Fruit Dove standing on food bowl with others in the background.


These gorgeous doves feed on fruits and seeds, high in the rainforest canopy! To stay hydrated, they drink dew and water droplets from leaves. They will avoid drinking from the ground wherever possible. These adorable birds will often mate for life and work as a team to raise their singular, yearly young!


Rose Crowned Fruit Dove standing on branch showing yellow, orange, green, and pink feathers.


Unfortunately, due to habitat clearing and egg predators, rose-crowned fruit-doves are sadly considered a vulnerable species in New South Wales. The species as a whole is of least concern.

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    22 - 24 centimetres

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    90 - 125 grams

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    17 days