Veiled Chameleon

Veiled Chameleon

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Veiled Chameleon sitting on a leaf up close looking to the left with blurred background.


These arboreal beauties are found in Yemen and southern parts of Saudi Arabia. They prefer to live in well hydrated conditions and these shy reptiles are usually spotted navigating the trees in a rocking motion, to mimic a leaf blowing in the wind! This allows them to go unnoticed by predators and prey alike.


Veiled Chameleon sitting on a log looking to the right with a blurred background.


From birth, veiled chameleons are a changing light green colouration. As they mature, their colour can change from yellow, orange, gold, black and blue. Crikey! This makes them highly adaptable to their mood and environment.


Chameleons are insectivores! Using their long, sticky tongue they will feed primarily on insects. During droughts, they have also been known to eat leaves to aid their hydration.


Veiled Chameleon sitting on the hand of an Australian Zoo keeper.


Wild veiled chameleons are threatened by habitat destruction and illegal, unsustainable poaching for the pet trade. Their status in the wild is not listed due to their high numbers in the pet trade.

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    25 - 60 centimetres

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    140 - 300 grams

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    90 - 120 days