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Celebrate Steve Irwin Day at Australia Zoo!

Join us at Australia Zoo on Friday 15th November for Steve Irwin Day, to celebrate the greatest Wildlife Warrior that ever lived!The day will be jam-packed full of fun activities, educational demonstrations and so much more! Start your day early and enjoy breakfast on us...

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Animal facts - fact 13 crocodilians

Saltwater Crocodiles are extremely territorial and males will fight to death to protect their territory. It is not uncommon to see salties with parts of limbs missing as a result of these fights.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Leah the koala

Age: 5 years old Sex: Weight: 5.4kgs Found: Leah was spotted in a tree in Kilkivan, Queensland with a severe case of chlamydial conjunctivitis, and a back-rider joey. Transported to: Resc...

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Steve Irwin's Ghosts of War DVD


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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Molly the slender-tailed meerkats

As the stately matriarch of her family group, Molly has a very calm, steady demeanor and is a wonderful role model for her three daughters. Not much seems to phase her, and she often gives the impression that she hasn’t a concern in the world... until feeding time comes around that is! She ...

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