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Trick or Treat!?

Australia Zoo is preparing for another spooktacular Halloween on Wednesday October 31! Help us celebrate with games, competitions and more! Come and visit us for an epic LIVE spider exhibit thanks to Queensland Museum, where you’ll get up close and personal with these cool a...

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Animal Facts - Fact 116 Dingoes

Dingoes do not bark, but howl like wild dogs and wolves.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Chutney the Feathertail Glider

Age: Adult Sex: Female Weight: 10gms Found: Chutney was found in a home in Bellmere, Queensland. Transported to: The homeowner suspected the house cat may have injured the glider, and bro...

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Bindi Drink Bottle

This 700ml plastic drink bottle is great for school lunches, and comes in a metalic looking blue or green.  Features the Bindi logo on the front, with a smaller "Love it. Dont hurt it" on the back....

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Meg the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat

Boy does this girl love her food. Whether she is tucking into some grass or one of her favourite treats, a piece of corn, Meg always makes sure she devours every last piece. Southern Hairy-nosed wombats naturally are found in parts of South Australia where the rainfall is minimal so she can...

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RT @AnimalPlanet: It's been 12 years since Steve Irwin's passing, but his conservation message lives on, thanks to his beloved wife @TerriIā€¦

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