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There is no Plan Bee, Australia Zoo declares this World Bee Day

With the rapid decline of bees, our planet and the future of humankind is under threat. This World Bee Day on Monday, May 20th Australia Zoo and Crikey! Magazine are spreading the important message of how vital bees are to our environment.Bees are essential to maintaining a...

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Animal Facts - Fact 50 Venomous Snakes

Adult Black Tiger Snakes killing large prey do not even need to complete a bite in order to inject venom, this being injected by momentary muscular pressure on the venom gland as the fangs penetrate in an open-mouthed jab-bite.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Sophie the Green Sea Turtle

Age: Juvenile Sex: Female Weight: 13.75kgs Found: Sophie was spotted floating in the Noosa River, Queensland, unable to dive. Transported to: Coolum & North Shore Coast Care rescued and ad...

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Crocodile Hunter 7.5 inch Souvenir Plate

This 7.5 inch plate makes a great souvenir and features Steve and Terri, along with Oprah the koala. A white plate with a green edge, it comes boxed and includes a small plastic display stand....

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Daisy the Asian Small-clawed Otter

Daisy is by far the most confident of the two otters. She has a very pretty face without a whisker out of place. Driven by her love of food, she loves her training sessions with her keepers and is always the first to learn new behaviours. Daisy is a very affectionate otter and her favouri...

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