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Crikey! Check out these cute ‘n’ cuddly arrivals!

Australia Zoo is thrilled to announce its family has expanded, with the arrival of 11 new koala joeys! The first of these gorgeous new arrivals are being seen regularly, riding on their mum’s back and testing out their climbing skills. These koala joeys will stay w...

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Animal facts - fact 34 lizards

The Island of Komodo has only 800 humans living there and double the amount of dragons. Most of the other islands where the dragons live have no permanent human residents at all.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Cheezels the great crested grebe

Age: Adult Sex: Unknown Weight: 840gms Found: Cheezels was found on the side of the road in Murgon, Queensland. Transported to: A local rescue group came to Cheezel's aid and organised tra...

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Crocodile Hunter Costume Pack Kids

Our khaki costume packs are just the perfect outfit for your little Crocodile Hunter! A terrific idea for parties and Halloween, the pack includes our 'Crocodile Hunter' khaki shirt and shorts, along with our navy 'Bite Cap' and a rubber snake. (Please note, the snake design may vary to t...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Milo the common wombat

Born at Australia Zoo in September 2012, Milo is the father to our newest addition Jimmy. Milo is a very cheeky little boy who tries to push his limits with our other adult wombats, especially during lunch time. He will often try to see if what the other wombats have for lunch is better than his,...

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Latest Tweet from @BindiIrwin

This darling is a golden swamp wallaby who lost his mother. Thankfully the amazing Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital…

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