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An update on Gigi the giraffe!

Standing out from the crowd in more ways than one, Gigi the giraffe has a striking, dark, contrasting coat and a unique personality that easily sets her apart from the rest of her herd. Growing significantly since she was first born, Gigi now stands at 2.5m tall and already weighs 440kg! During h...

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Animal Facts - Fact 31 Boas and Pythons

Reticulated Pythons are non-venomous. Pythons are constrictors, coiling about their prey and squeezing it until it suffocates.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Honey the Mangrove Honeyeater

Age: Juvenile Sex: Weight: 24gms Found: Honey was found on the ground after she was attacked by a larger bird in Golden Beach, Queensland. Transported to: Honey was rescued by a member o...

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Kangaroo Jack 27cm

Kangaroo Jack is a soft plush Kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. She is 27cm tall and has a green ribbon around her neck featuring the 'Australia Zoo Home of the Crocodile Hunter' logo.  She pairs well with Kalypso Koala. Supervision of children under 3 recommended....

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Pip the Binturong

Pip is a very relaxed, easygoing and confident binturong, who takes all aspects of life in her stride! It doesn't seem like anything will ever faze this girl. That said, she is also one of the more notoriously lazy critters around, always looking for an excuse to sleep in, often trying to convinc...

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