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Meet Lucy, the adorable koala joey!

At only 9 months old Lucy is no bigger than the size of a water bottle. Found sitting all by herself on a suburban driveway in the middle of the day, Lucy’s mum was nowhere in sight leaving her to fend for herself. With the sun pelting down, Lucy was ...

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Animal Facts - Fact 63 Boas and Pythons

Like other arboreal (tree dwelling) snakes, Green Pythons rest in coils over a narrow branch with their head lying in the middle.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Lucy the Koala Joey

Age: 8 months Sex: Weight: 890gms Found: Lucy was found all alone on a suburban driveway in Burpengary, Queensland. Transported to: The Australia Zoo Rescue Unit rushed Lucy to the Austra...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Alimah the Burmese Python

Alimah is a beautiful and striking albino Burmese python with a lot of personality! She's a very active snake who absolutely loves to explore her home and mess it up, especially just after the keepers have finished cleaning. As Alimah is an albino, her colouration is very different from that of o...

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Spot a wild tawny frogmouth camping in the treetops at Australia Zoo, looking after some chicks in this picture!

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