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Our gorgeous baby has grown!

Our gorgeous four month old rhino Carrie, is loving life on Australia Zoo’s African Savannah with her mum and aunties. Carrie was born at a whopping 50kg and since her birth on December 4th, she has grown to almost 250kg and is cuter than ever! Baby rhinos will suck...

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Animal Facts - Fact 67 Kangaroos

Male Red Kangaroos fight for the right to mate with an oestrus female (receptive to mating). Only the strongest males are successful.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Mischief the Echidna

Age: Adult Sex: Female Weight: 3.25kgs Found: Mischief was cornered by two large dogs on a property in Glass House Mountains, Queensland. In an attempt to escape, she burrowed herself into the back of a bar fridge...

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Bottle Opener Crikey Black

Terrific magnetized bottle opener to have handy on your fridge door.  Approximately 7cm wide and features an image of Steve holding a croc with the words, 'Crikey!' and 'Australia Zoo'. Black coloured plastic top with a metal base....

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Charlie the Bengal Tiger

Charlie was born at Mogo Zoo and was brought to Australia Zoo with his two sisters, Sunita and Mika, at only four weeks of age. Together, they are the only Bengal tigers here at Australia Zoo. Charlie can be a little nervous of new things at times, but he gains a lot of confidence from the keeper...

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