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Mums rule at Australia Zoo this Mother’s Day (and always)!

Mums are everyone’s biggest supporters; they love us unconditionally and take care of us all year round, so it makes perfect sense to take the time and effort to show them our appreciation for all they do! This Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8th calls for an...

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Animal Facts - Fact 13 Crocodilians

Crocodiles infamous 'death roll' is utilised when capturing prey. They 'twist' the animal off their feet so as they can drag them into the water to drown their prey. Generally though the imapact of the initial strike is all it takes to subdue the prey. The 'death roll' is also used to twist off bite-size pieces from a large prey item.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Green Lantern the Shining Bronze Cuckoo

Age: Sub Adult Sex: Weight: 24gms Found: On the ground after being attacked by a larger bird in Mountain Creek, Queensland. Transported to: To Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by a kind ...

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Australia Zoo Surf Wallet Embroidered

Funky nylon wallet folds and secures with velcro. The inside of the wallet has a flat pocket for notes as well as a coin pocket which has a strong velcro closure. Also has two hidden pockets plus a handy slip pocket for license or ID card. The Australia Zoo logo is embroidered on ...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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DJ the Southern White Rhinoceros

Ganini, more commonly known as DJ, was born at the Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria on 21 August 2002. DJ was born during a severe storm, and as he was unable to endure the harsh conditions, he was brought in to be hand-raised. DJ is a gentle giant, weighing in at around 2 tonnes! He i...

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