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World Environment Day…celebrated daily at Australia Zoo!

Friday 5 June marks the United Nations World Environment Day, a day dedicated to encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. This year World Environment Day (WED) embraces the theme of "Consume with Care" - and Australia Zoo couldn't agree more! Each day at Australia Z...

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Animal Facts - Fact 94 Venomous Snakes

Although Brown Snakes are potentially dangerous creatures, they will always try to avoid a confrontation with humans.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Robin the Southern Boobook

Age: Adult Sex: Weight: 260gms Found: On the ground, beside a road in Bongaree, QLD. It was suspected that she may have been hit by a car. Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospi...

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Bindi Wildlife Adventures #2 - Game Over!

Book #2 in Bindi's Wildlife Adventures Series Bindi and her friend Hannah, are on a horse-riding trek in South Africa when they discover that the supposed breeding sanctuary for the endangered giant sable antelope is actually a game reserve for rich tourists with big guns. But the girls g...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Kaitlyn the Sumatran Tiger

Kaitlyn and her brother and sister, Bashii and Maneki, came to Australia Zoo from a park in Indonesia. They are extremely valuable genetically to the Sumatran Tiger captive breeding program so we are very privileged to have them here.  Kaitlyn is now even more special to us since she...

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