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Trauma season at Australia Zoo's Wildlife Hospital

Our Wildlife Warriors at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital have spent the better part of the last month in the thick of their busiest and most confronting time of year, a time known as trauma season. As temperatures rise, so too do patient admissions for injuries caused by trauma....

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Animal Facts - Fact 201 Binturong

Binturongs have a prehensile tail which is used to hang on to branches like a monkey.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Michelle the Little Corella

Age: Adult Sex: Weight: 440gms Found: Caught amongst soccer nets in Currimundi, QLD. Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital after she was initially taken to Green Cross Vets ...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Nuebi the Barking Owl

Nuebi is our very handsome Barking Owl who loves nothing more than a good scratch from his keepers. He was born in September 2005 and has been with us since he left his parents. Nuebi is the newest member of the roving wildlife crew, greeting guests throughout the day and getting his photo taken ...

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While @BindiIrwin is dancing, Karl from Film Fauna International, is making sure Robert doesn't get too homesick!

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