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Siam Sabu and little Bimbo

Farewell Bimbo - Australia Zoo says goodbye to well-loved elephant

The Australia Zoo crew are saddened to announce the passing of Bimbo, our gorgeous Asian elephant.

In her late fifties, Bimbo was one of the oldest elephants in Australia. She had spent the past decade living out a long and happy retirement at Australia Zoo.

Keepers had been monitoring Bimbo's health, including severe arthritis in her hip and hind legs, for some time now. Every possible measure was taken to maintain her health, comfort and well-being.

However, recently Bimbo's condition worsened. It became evident to her keepers that she was suffering and in pain, and her long term well-being was compromised. Australia Zoo veterinarians made the heart-breaking assessment that Bimbo was not going to improve any further.

The Australia Zoo family loved Bimbo dearly. The smallest of our Asian elephants, she had a beautiful nature and was extremely loyal, peaceful, and tolerant. She will be sadly missed.

Bimbo leaves behind the last elephant of her group, Sabu after her third member of her group, Siam passed away earlier this year.

Elephants are very family-oriented and dependant on one another.

Australia Zoo is now working with Brenton Bullen to find the most appropriate care situation for the Bullen family's elephant, Sabu. In order to care for and support Sabu at this time, she will spend the coming weeks in her 10 acre off-display enclosure.

The elephant enclosure, Australia's largest elephant facility, will undergo renovations in the meantime. This means that unfortunately there will be no elephants on display at Australia Zoo during this time.

Elephant Conservation

Elephant ConservationWant to find out more about Asian Elephant conservation? Australia Zoo is committed to the protection and conservation of Elephants in the wild, and is already actively involved in several international projects. Check out our elephant conservation project!